Audio by Dr. Michael Sokolow

Mishnah Menachot 11:1: The Two Loaves [of Pentecost] were kneaded separately and baked separately. The [Cakes of the] Shewbread were kneaded separately and baked in pairs. They were prepared in a mould; and when they were taken out from the oven they were again put in a mould lest they become damaged.

שתי הלחם נילושות אחת אחת, ונאפות אחת אחת׃ לחם הפנים נילוש אחד אחד, ונאפה שתיים שתיים׃ ובטפוס היה עושה אותן; כשהוא רודה אותן, נותנן לטפוס, כדי שלא יתקלקלו. 

Mishnah Menachot 11:2: The Two Loaves and the Shewbread were alike in that the kneading and the shaping were performed outside [the Temple Court], but the baking inside; and it did not override the Sabbath. R. Judah says, all these works were performed inside [the Temple Court]. R. Simeon says, accustom thyself to say, the Two Loaves and the Shewbread were valid whether made in the Temple Court or in Beth Page.

אחד שתי הלחם ואחד לחם הפנים-- לישתן ועריכתן בחוץ, ואפייתן בפנים, ואינן דוחות את השבת; רבי יהודה אומר, כל מעשיהן בפנים׃ רבי שמעון אומר, לעולם הוי רגיל לומר, שתי הלחם ולחם הפנים כשרות בעזרה, וכשרות בבית פגי. 

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