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Mishnah Middot 2:2: All who would enter the temple mount entered toward the right, and would encircle it and exit through the left, aside for one to which something [unfavorable] has occurred, that he would encircle it towards the left [even when he entered]. [If he was asked] "Why are you encircling towards the left?" [If he answered] "Because I am a mourner, [they would respond] "He who rests in this house should comfort you". [If he answered] "Because I am excommunicated", [they would respond] "He who dwells in this house should put into their [the judges'] hearts and they will draw you near". These are the words of Rabbi Meir. Rabbi Yosi said to him [Rabbi Meir] "You have made as if they [the judges] have exceeded the law [in their excommunication] against him. Rather [they would say] "He who dwells in this house should put into your heart that you will listen to the words of your colleagues and they will draw you near".

כל הנכנסין להר הבית. נכנסין דרך ימין. ומקיפין ויוצאין דרך שמאל. חוץ ממי שאירעו דבר שהוא מקיף לשמאל מה לך מקיף לשמאל שאני אבל. השוכן בבית הזה ינחמך. שאני מנודה. השוכן בבית הזה יתן בלבם ויקרבוך. דברי רבי מאיר. אמר לו רבי יוסי עשיתן כאילו עברו עליו את הדין. אלא השוכן בבית הזה יתן בלבך. ותשמע לדברי חבריך ויקרבוך:

Mishnah Middot 2:3: Inside of it [the wall of the Temple Mount] was the Soreg [a low fence around the Temple, which served as a boundary, beyond which entry to those impure was prohibited] ten tefachim [hand-breadths] high. There were thirteen breaches in it, made originally by the Greek kings, and when the Jews fixed these breaches, they enacted thirteen prostrations equivalent to them. Inside the Soreg was the Cheil [a low fence around the Temple, which served as a boundary, beyond which entry to those impure was prohibited], [which was] ten amot [wide]. There were twelve steps there, and the height of each step was half an amah, and its tread was half an amah. All the steps that were there [in the Temple] had a height of half an amah and a tread of a half an amah, except those into the Antechamber. All the entrances that were there were twenty amot high and ten amot wide except to the Antechamber. All entrances that were there had doors except for of the Antechamber. All the gates that were there had lintels, except for the Tadi [gate], which had two stones leaning one on top of the other. All the [doors of the] gates were changed to gold [from copper] except the gates of Nikanor, since a miracle happened with them. Some say it is because its copper shone [like gold].

לפנים ממנו סורג גבוה עשרה טפחים. ושלש עשרה פרצות היו שם. שפרצום מלכי יון חזרו וגדרום וגזרו כנגדם שלש עשרה השתחויות. לפנים ממנו החיל. עשר אמות. ושתים עשרה מעלות היו שם. רום המעלה חצי אמה. ושלחה חצי אמה. כל המעלות שהיו שם. רום מעלה חצי אמה. ושלחה חצי אמה. חוץ משל אולם. כל הפתחים והשערים שהיו שם גובהן עשרים אמה. ורחבן עשר אמות. חוץ משל אולם. כל הפתחים שהיו שם היו להן דלתות. חוץ משל אולם. כל השערים שהיו שם היו להן שקופות. חוץ משער טדי. שהיו שם שתי אבנים מוטות זו על גב זו. כל השערים שהיו שם. נשתנו להיות של זהב. חוץ משער ניקנור. מפני שנעשה בהן נס. ויש אומרים מפני שנחשתן מצהיב:

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