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Mishnah Kerisos 6:6: [If] one designated two Sela [a Sela is a coin worth four Dinar] for an Asham and with them bought two rams for an Asham: if one was worth two Sela it is offered for his Asham, and the second one grazes until it becomes blemished, whereupon it is sold and the money is used for freewill-offerings. [If with the two designated Sela] he bought two rams for non-sacred use, one worth two Sela and the other worth ten Zuz [ten Zuz being equal to 2.5 Sela], that which is worth two Sela is offered for his Asham and the second one for his Me'ilah [misuse of consecrated property]. [If with the two designated Sela he bought two rams] one for an Asham and one for ordinary use, if the one for the Asham was worth two Sela it is offered for his Asham and the second one [is offered] for his Me'ilah and with it he brings a Sela and its [additional] fifth.

המפריש שתי סלעים לאשם. ולקח בהן שני אילים לאשם. אם היה אחד מהן. יפה שתי סלעים. יקרב לאשמו. והשני ירעה עד שיסתאב. וימכר. ויפלו דמיו לנדבה. לקח בהן שני אילים לחולין. אחד יפה שתי סלעים ואחד יפה עשרה זוז. היפה שתי סלעים יקרב לאשמו. והשני למעילתו. אחד לאשם ואחד לחולין. אם היה של אשם יפה שתי סלעים. יקרב לאשמו. והשני למעילתו. ויביא עמה סלע וחומשה:

Mishnah Kerisos 6:7: [If an individual] set aside his Chattat and then died, his son cannot offer it after him [to atone for his own sin]. And one may not offer [an offering that was set aside to atone] for one sin for [atonement of] another sin, even if he had set aside [a Chattat] for forbidden fat that he had eaten yesterday, he may not offer it for forbidden fat that he has eaten today, for it states, “His offering... for his sin” (Leviticus 4:28) - his offering must be for the sake of his [specific] sin.

המפריש חטאתו ומת. לא יביאנה בנו אחריו. ולא יביאנה מחטא על חטא. אפילו על חלב שאכל אמש לא יביאנו על חלב שאכל היום. שנאמר (ויקרא ד, לב) קרבנו על חטאתו. שיהא קרבנו לשם חטאו:

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