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Mishnah Kerisos 2:1: [There are] four [persons] who are [considered] Mechusar Kippurim [one who has purified himself via immersion but who still needs to bring a sacrifice before eating sacrificial meat], and [there are] four [persons] who bring a sacrifice for intentional transgressions as [they would] for unintentional transgressions. The following are Mechusar Kippurim: A Zav [a male who has certain types of atypical genital discharges, which render him impure], a Zavah [a female who has certain types of atypical genital discharges, distinct from her menses, which render her impure], a woman who has given birth, and a Metzora [one rendered severely impure from an unsightly skin disease; upon recovery and purification he must bring offerings]. Rabbi Eliezer ben Yaakov says: A convert [has the status of] a Mechusar Kapparah until the blood has been sprinkled [on the altar] for him; and Nazir [a person who swears abstention from all grape products like wine, from cutting his hair, and avoidance of corpse impurity] [depends on his sacrifices to be permitted] his wine, his hair-cutting and his impurity.

ארבעה מחוסרי כפורים. וארבעה מביאין על הזדון כשגגה. אלו הן מחוסרי כפורים. הזב. והזבה. והיולדת. והמצורע. רבי אליעזר בן יעקב אומר גר מחוסר כפרה עד שיזרק עליו הדם. ונזיר ליינו ותגלחתו וטומאתו:

Mishnah Kerisos 2:2: The following bring a sacrifice for intentional transgression [of a sin] as [they would] for unintentional transgression: One who has relations with a Shifchah Charufah [a non-Jewish female slave partially freed, and betrothed to a Jewish slave]; and a Nazir who has become impure; and [one who has given a false] oath [denying knowledge of] testimony; and [one who has given a false] oath [denying possession of] a deposit.

אלו מביאין על הזדון כשגגה. הבא על השפחה. ונזיר שנטמא. ועל שבועת העדות. ועל שבועת הפקדון:

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