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Mishnah Kinnim 2:3: If this one [woman] has one [pair of birds], and this one [woman] has two [pairs of birds], this one has three [pairs], this one has four [pairs], this one five [pairs], this one six [pairs] and this one seven [pairs], and one bird flew from the first [group] to the second ]group] and one [flew from the second group] into the third [group], and one [flew from the third group]into the fourth [group], and one [flew from the fourth group] into the fifth [group], and one [flew from the fifth group] into the sixth [group], and one [flew from the sixth group] into the seventh [group], and then one returned [to its previous group], it invalidates one pair [for each woman] when it leaves and one pair [for each woman] upon its return. [Therefore], the first and second [groups of women] have no valid birds left, the third [group] has one [valid pair], the fourth [group] has two [valid pairs], the fifth [group] has three[valid pairs], the sixth [group] has four [valid pairs], and the seventh [group] has six [valid pairs]. If it [a bird] flew back and fourth ]through the remaining sets of birds], it invalidates one set when it leaves and one set upon its return. [Therefore] the third and fourth [group] have nothing [no valid pairs], the fifth [group] has one [valid pair], the sixth [group] has two [valid pairs] and the seventh [group] has five. If a bird flew back and forth, it invalidates one pair when it leaves and one upon its return. The fifth and sixth [group] have no valid birds and the seventh [group] has four. Others say the seventh woman did not lose anything and if a bird that is left to die flew into their group they all must be left to die.

לזו אחת. לזו שתים. לזו שלש. לזו ארבע. לזו חמש. לזו שש. לזו שבע פרח מן הראשונה. לשניה. לשלישית. לרביעית. לחמישית. לששית. לשביעית. חזר. פוסל אחד בהליכתו ואחד בחזירתו. הראשונה והשניה אין להם כלום. השלישית יש לה אחת. הרביעית יש לה שתים. החמישית יש לה שלש. הששית יש לה ארבע. השביעית יש לה שש. פרח וחזר. פוסל אחד בהליכתו ואחד בחזירתו. השלישית והרביעית אין להם כלום. החמישית יש לה אחת. הששית יש לה שתים. השביעית יש לה חמש. פרח וחזר. פוסל אחד בהליכתו ואחד בחזירתו. החמישית והששית אין להם כלום. השביעית יש לה ארבע. ויש אומרים השביעית לא הפסידה כלום. ואם פרח מבין המתות לכולם. הרי כולם ימותו:

Mishnah Kinnim 2:4: An unspecified pair of birds [one of which is a burnt-offering and the other is a sin offering] and a pair of specified birds, if a bird from the unspecified birds flew into the pair of specified birds he [the owner] must bring a second bird for the second one [remaining unspecified bird]. Or if a bird flew from the original specified birds [to the unspecified birds], they must all be left to die.

קן סתומה. וקן מפורשת. פרח מן הסתומה למפורשת. יקח זוג לשני. חזר. או שפרח מן המפורשת ראשון הרי כולן ימותו:

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