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מסכת כלים פרק ט משנה ה


Earthenware shards

שנשתמש בהן

that were used

משקין טמאין

for tamei beverages (which were absorbed into the shards)

ונפלו לאויר התנור

and fell into the airspace of a tanur


and it was heated,

התנור טמא

the tanur is tamei,

שסוף משקה לצאת

as the beverage would ultimately come out.

 וכן בגפת חדשה

And similarly by new pulp (the refuse left after fruits have been pressed for their juice or oil; the same rule will apply to such pulp that has absorbed a tamei beverage and was then placed into an oven and heated)

אבל בישנה טהור

but old pulp is tahor (after twelve months we assume that the tamei beverage is no longer extant);

ואם ידוע

and if it is known

שיוצא מהן משקין

that a beverage come out from them

אפילו לאחר שלש שנים

even after three years,


[the tanur] becomes tamei.


פרק ט משנה ו




and grape skins

שנעשו בטהרה

that were made in [a setting that was] tahor

והלכו עליהם טמאים

and those that were tamei walked on them

(ואחר כך)

(and after that)

יצאו מהן משקין

beverages [that had been reabsorbed by the pulp] came out of them,


they are tahor (beverages are not susceptible to tumah unless produced intentionally, which is not the case here),

שמתחלתן נעשו בטהרה

as from their outset they were made in [a setting that was] tahor (if made from their outset in conditions of tumah, then even though produced unintentionally, they would be susceptible to tumah).


A spindle (a slender rounded rod with tapered ends used in hand spinning, a process by which fibers are wound into threads, to twist and wind thread from a mass of wool or flax)

שבלע את הצנורה

that has swallowed up the hook (there was a metal hook at one end of a spindle, and  in this case the hook has sunken completely into the wooden rod of the spindle)


and a cattle prod

שבלע את הדרבן

that has swallowed up the the point (the cattle prod was comprised of a wooden stick with a metal point at its end)


[or] a brick

שבלעה את הטבעת

that has swallowed a ring (the ring was accidently dropped into the clay that formed the brick),

והיו טהורים

and they were tahor (although these metal parts are ordinarily susceptible to tumah, enveloped as they are by the wood or clay, which are not susceptible to tumah, they cannot touch anything to become tamei by contact)

נכנסו לאהל המת

if they enter the canopy of a corpse,


they become tamei;

הסיטן הזב

If a zav moves them


they become tamei;

נפלו לאויר התנור טהור

if [they are tamei and] they fall into the air of a tanur that is tahor,


they make it tamei;

נגע בהן

If they touch

ככר של תרומה

a loaf of terumah


it is tahor. (as it will only have touched the wood or clay, and not the tamei metal.