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מסכת כלים פרק ט משנה ג


A sheretz


that was found

למטה מנחשתו של תנור

below the floor of a tanur,


[the tanur is] tahor,

שאני אומר

as I can say

חי נפל

it fell [there] while alive

ועכשיו מת

and [only] now is dead.

מחט או טבעת

A needle or a ring (that were tamei)

שנמצאו למטה מנחושתו של תנור

that were found below the floor of a tanur


[the tanur is] tahor,

שאני אומר

as I can say

שם היו

it was there

עד שלא בא התנור

from before the tanur had not yet come there;

נמצאו באפר מקלה

if they are found in the dirt of a fire (i.e. they were found lying on top of ashes)


it is tamei

שאין לו במה יתלה

as there is nothing with which to explain them (there is no reasonable explanation for how they could have gotten there without passing through the airspace of the tanur).


פרק ט משנה ד


A sponge

 שבלע משקין טמאין

that soaked up tamei beverages

ונגוב מבחוץ

and dried on its outside

ונפל לאויר התנור

and fell into the airspace of a tanur,


[the tanur] is tamei,

שסוף משקה לצאת

as the beverage would ultimately come out.


And similarly,

חתיכה של לפת

a piece of a turnip

ושל גמי

and of a reed (these items were often used to soak up liquids, and if after having soaked up a tamei liquid they fell into a tanur, the tanur would be tamei);

רבי שמעון מטהר בשני אלו

Rabbi Shimon rules these two to be tahor.