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מסכת כלים פרק ח משנה י

מגע טמא מת

Someone, touched by someone else who was tamei from a cadaver,

שהיו אכלין ומשקין

that had food and drink

לתוך פיו

inside his mouth,

הכניס ראשו

inserted his head

לאויר התנור טהור

into the airspace of a tanur that was tahor,


they [the food and drink] make it [the tanur] (rabbinically) tamei.


And one who was tahor

שהיו אכלין ומשקין

that had food and drink

לתוך פיו

inside his mouth

והכניס ראשו

and inserted his head

לאויר תנור טמא

into the airspace of a tanur that was tamei,


they are made tamei.

היה אוכל דבלה

One was eating a pressed fig

בידים מסואבות

with soiled hands (i.e. hands that are rabbinically tamei, for, e.g. having touched a rishon l'tumah),

הכניס ידו

inserted his hand

לתוך פיו

into his mouth

ליטול את הצרור

to remove a pebble,

רבי מאיר מטמא

Rabbi Meir rules [the fig in his mouth] is tamei

ורבי יהודה מטהר

and Rabbi Yehuda rules it is tahor (they disagree on whether one's saliva still in one's mouth has the status of a beverage, which would contract and convey the tumah from his hand);

רבי יוסי אומר

Rabbi Yosi says

אם הפך טמא

if he turned it over [the fig inside his mouth with his hand] it is tamei (as he hold only by moving it around does saliva get the status of a beverage),

אם לא הפך טהור

if he did not turn it over it is tahor.

היה פנדיון לתוך פיו

If there was a pundyon (a small coin) inside his mouth [together with the fig]

רבי יוסי אומר

Rabbi Yosi says

אם לצמאו טמא

if it was for his thirst (one would place a coin in one's mouth to produce saliva) it [the fig] is tamei (as he deems the saliva generated to slake one's thirst by the coin to be a beverage).


פרק ח משנה יא


A woman (who is a progenitor of tumah, such as if she came into contact with a cadaver)

שנטף חלב מדדיה

that milk dripped from her breasts

ונפל לאויר התנור

and fell into the airspace of a tanur,


[the tanur is] tamei (according to those who hold that human milk is only rabbinically considered a beverage, this tumah is also only rabbinical)

שהמשקה מטמא

as a beverage can impart tumah

לרצון ושלא לרצון

willingly or unwillingly.

היתה גורפתו

If she was sweeping it out [ashes from the tanur]

והכתה הקוץ

and a thorn struck her

ויצא ממנה דם

and she bled (and blood has the same status with regard to tumah as a beverage),

או שנכוה

or she was burned

ונתנה אצבעה

and put her finger

לתוך פיה

in her mouth (thus wetting it with saliva)


[the tanur] becomes tamei.