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מסכת כלים פרק ה משנה ז
תנור שנטמא

A tanur that became tamei,

כיצד מטהרין אותו

how do we purify it (without completely destroying it)?

חולקו לשלשה

One splits it into three (vertically, from top to bottom, so that no one segment was a majority of the oven)

וגורר את הטפלה

and scraped off the paste (the coating of clay on the outside of the oven walls must also be broken off at the points where it is split, so that this coating does not hold the walls together)

עד שיהא בארץ

until it is on the ground (i.e. the coating must be removed at the splits from the top all the way to the bottom, in addition the clay that attached the oven to the ground must be removed so that it now rests directly on the ground);

רבי מאיר אומר

Rabbi Meir says,

אינו צריך

it is not necessary

לגרור את הטפלה

to scrape off the paste,

ולא עד שיהא בארץ

and not until it is on the ground,

אלא ממעטו

only he must reduce it

מבפנים ארבעה טפחים

from within to four handbreadths (i.e. the interior walls need to be cut merely to the point where less than four handbreadths remain whole);

רבי שמעון אומר

Rabbi Shimon says,

וצריך להסיעו

and it must be moved (i.e. the three sections required by the first opinion must also be separated from each other).

חלקו לשנים

If one split it into two,

אחד גדול ואחד קטן

one [half] large and one part small,

הגדול טמא

the large [half] is tamei,

והקטן טהור

and the small [half] is tahor.

חלקו לשלשה

If one split it into three,

אחד גדול כשנים

one [third] as large as the [other] two,

הגדול טמא

the large [third] is tamei

ושנים הקטנים טהורין

and the two small ones are tahor.


פרק ה משנה ח

חתכו חוליות

If one cut it into segments


along its width (i.e. into ring-shaped segments)

פחות מארבעה טפחים

shorter than four handbreadths (and less than half the height of the original oven),


it is tahor.

מרחו בטיט

If one covered it in plaster (if one took a tanur that had been disassembled to make it tahor, and then held the pieces back together using plaster or clay layered on their exterior)

מקבל טמאה

it is susceptible to tumah


when it is heated

כדי לאפות בו סופגנין

sufficiently to bake in it a sponge cake.

הרחיק ממנו את הטפלה

If the paste was distanced from it (the pieces of the tanur were put back together, but the clay was not plastered directly onto them, but was rather formed into a wall around them separated by a space)

ונתן חול או צרור בינתים

and he placed sand or pebbles between them,

בזה אמרו

by this they said,

הנדה והטהורה

a nidah and a woman who was tahor

אופות בו

can bake in it [together]

והוא טהור

and it is tahor (i.e. the oven is tahor).