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מסכת כלים פרק ה משנה ג
עטרת כירה

The cap of a kirah (literally the "crown", this was a round lid or rim placed on top this stove, thoguh some say it was a low wall that fit around the walls of the stove; either way it was made to help keep in the heat and/or flames, but was not attached to the stove)


is tahor (as it was not attached and not commonly used).

טירת התנור

The compartment of the tanur (according to some this was a box-like exterior compartment, open on top, in which bread would be put after it came out of the oven; others say it was a this compartment encircled the oven, and still others says it was on top),

בזמן שהיא גבוהה

when it is as high

ארבעה טפחים

as four handbreadths,

מיטמא במגע ובאויר

it contracts tumah through contact and airspace,

פחותה מכאן

less than that (it cannot store the baked bread and so)


it is tahor,

ואם חברה לו

and if it (that short buut) is attached to it [the oven]

אפלו על שלש אבנים

even on three stones (the compartment would sit on top of three stones; some say there was an actual physical, though weak, connection between the compartment and oven, others that it was just adjacent to the oven)


it is tamei.

בית הפך

A flask holder

ובית התבלין

and a spice holder

ובית והנר

and a lamp holder (all of which were attached to the outside of the oven after it's manufacture)


that are in a kirah

מיטמאין במגע

impart (rabbinical) tumah by contact

ואינן מיטמאין באויר

and do not impart tumah by airspace,

דברי רבי מאיר

these are the words of Rabbi Meir,

ורבי ישמעאל מטהר

and Rabbi Yishmael rules it is tahor.


פרק ה משנה ד


A tanur

שהסק מאחוריו

that was heated from its exterior

או שהסק שלא לדעתו

or was heated without [the owner's] intent

או שהסק בבית האמן

or was heated in the craftsman's shop (before its manufacture was completed; some say this is before it was fixed to the ground, others that its walls were not yet at their final height; in any case it was not heated for the purpose of completing its manufacture)


is tamei.


There was an incident

שנפלה דליקה

that a fire broke out

בתנורי כפר סגנה

in the ovens of Kfar Signa (heating them unintentionally, from their exteriors, and in the craftsman's shop)

ובא מעשה ליבנה

and the case came to Yavneh

וטמאן רבן גמליאל

and Rabban Gamliel ruled them tamei.