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מסכת כלים פרק ג משנה ז

A boiler (an earthenware vessel used to heat water)

שטפלו בחמר

that one coated in mortar


or potters' clay,

הנוגע בחמר

that which touches mortar


is tamei (as the mortar serves to insulate and/or protect the vessel),


and [that which comes into contact] with potters' clay


is tahor (as the potters' clay does not adhere well, and will crumble and fall off the boiler).

קמקוס שנקב

A kettle that develops a hole

ועשאו בזפת

and is repaired with pitch

רבי יוסי מטהר

Rabbi Yosi rules tahor

שאינו יכול

as is it not able

לקבל את החמין

to hold hot liquids


like cold liquids (pitch will melt if exposed to hot water for an extended period);

וכן היה אומר

and so he would say

בכלי זפת

regarding utensils [coated or repaired] with pitch:

כלי נחשת שזפתן

copper utensils (which are meant to be put on a fire) coated with pitch


are tahor (as the pitch will inevitably melt off),

ואם ליין

but if [intended] for wine (which is not heated)


are tamei (as the pitch deemed an integral part of the vessel).


פרק ג משנה ח

חבית שנקבה

A barrel that developed a hole

ועשאה בזפת

and was repaired with pitch

יתר מצורכה

in an excessive amount,

הנוגע בצרכה

that which comes into contact with the necessary [pitch]


is tamei,

יתר מצרכה

[that which comes into contact with] the excessive [pitch]


is tahor.



שנטפה על החבית

that was dripped onto a barrel (on its exterior, which serves no purpose),

הנוגע בה טהור

that which touches it is tahor.


A funnel

של עץ ושל חרס

of wood or earthenware

שפקקו בזפת

that was plugged with pitch,

רבי אלעזר בן עזריה

Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah


rules [either] is tamei,

רבי עקיבה

Rabbi Akiva

מטמא בשל עץ

rules if of wood is tamei

ומטהר בשל חרס

and tahor if or earthenware,

רבי יוסי

Rabbi Yosi

מטהר בשניהן

rules both to be tahor.


מטמא בשל עץ ומטהר בשל חרס - This is because the pitch will adhere well to the wood, but not the the earthenware funnel, which has a smoother finish than a hole that developed in a barrel.  Alternatively, as it is bound to be removed, a plug will not render a funnel to be a כלי.  However, when the funnel is made of wood, it is considered to be of the same material as pitch, which is derived from plants.  In that case,  רבי עקיבה hold it to be an exception and is considered a כלי.