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מסכת כלים פרק ג משנה ה

One who coats

כלי חרס הבריא

an undamaged earthenware utensil

רבי מאיר ורבי שמעון

Rabbi Meir and Rabi Shimon


rule that [the coating] is tamei [if the utensil becomes tamei];

וחכמים אומרים

and the Sages say

הטופל את הבריא

one who coats an undamaged [utensil]


[the coating] is tahor,

ואת הרעוע

and if [one coated] a cracked [utensil]


it is tamei.


And similarly [they disagree]

בחידוק הקירויה

by the (wooden or metal band used as a) reinforcement of a [dried and hollowed-out] gourd-shell (the shell was used to draw water, and the reinforcing band was to keep it from breaking if it hit a stone).


פרק ג משנה ו


The pulp of cynodon (a type of grass)

שטופלין בה

that was used to coat (as a reinforcement or to prevent leakage from)

את הפטסין

pithoi (large earthenware casks used to store water or wine; singular: pithos),

הנוגע בה

that which touches it


is tamei (as it is considered to be an essential part of the utensil).

מגופת חבית

The stopper of a barrel

אינה חבור

is not [considered to be] attached to it (and so if one becomes tamei, it doesn't spread to the other, even though the stopper is sealed into the barrel with clay).


That which comes into contact

בטפולו של תנור

with the coating of an [earthenware] oven


is tamei (as it is a functional part of the oven, helping it retain heat).


רבי מאיר ורבי שמעון מטמאים - The מפרשים disagree if the coating is treated like a יד or like the כלי itself.