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מסכת כלים

פרק כט משנה ו

חוט מאזנים

The cord of a balance (this was the cord by which one suspended a balance scale; the scale had a beam at either end of which was suspended a pan; and the cord was attached to the middle of the beam and functioned as the scale's fulcrum),

של צמרים

of wool dealers

ושל שוקלי זכוכית

and of glass weighers,


two handbreadths (of the cord was considered attached to the scale for the purpose of tumah and tahrah);

יד המקור

the handle of a millstone chisel (used to create grooves in the face of a millstone),


two handbreadths;

יד המעצד של לגיונות

the handle of the battle ax (literally 'the adze of the legions', many interpret this as referring to a mace-like blunt weapon, with a round and heavy striking end),


two handbreadths;

יד הקרנס של זהבים

the handle of the mallet of the goldsmiths (used to hammer out sheets of gold),


two handbreadths;

ושל חרשין

and of blacksmiths,

שלשה טפחים

three handbreadths.


פרק כט משנה ז

שירי הדרבן מלמעלן

The remnants of the upper cattle prod (this end of the prod merely had the metal prodding point in it; the bottom had a hoe-like blade for digging up roots),


four (some interpret this as saying that if the prod broke in two, there would have to be four handbreadths of the handle remaining for it to be considered a sufficient handle for the prod, but if unbroken then the entire handle is considered an attachment; others say that the mishnah does not literally mean 'remnants', but rather is stating that only the four handbreadths closest to the prod end is considered to be an attachment to it);

יד הבדיד ארבעה

the handle of a spade (or other digging instrument used to dig irrigation holes around the roots of a tree) is four (i.e. the first four handbreadths of the handle are considered an attachment to its metal blade);

יד הקרדם של נכוש

the handle of the mattock (an agricultural tool used for digging and chopping that looks like a pickax, but with an adze as one end of the head and a chisel or axe blade at the other),


five (handbreadths of it are considered an attachment);

יד בן הפטיש חמישה

the handle of a small hammer, five;

ושל הפטיש ששה

and of a hammer, six;

יד הקרדם של בקוע

the handle of an ax for splitting (wood)

ושל עדיר

and for hoeing,



ויד מקבת של סתתין

and the handle of the stonemason's chisel,




לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל