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מסכת כלים

פרק כט משנה ד

חוט מאזנים

The cord of a balance (this was the cord by which one suspended a balance scale; the scale had a beam at either end of which was suspended a pan; and the cord was attached to the middle of the beam and functioned as the scale's fulcrum),

של זהבים

of goldsmiths

ושל שוקלי ארגמן טוב

and of weighers of good purple wool,

שלש אצבעות

three fingers (of the cord was considered attached to the scale for the purpose of tumah and taharah).

יד הקרדם מאחריו

The handle of the hatchet from the back,

שלש אצבעות

three fingers. (A person holds the wooden handle of the hatchet one handbreadth below its metal head; the "back" of the handle referred to here, according to most interpretations, refers to the length of the handle that extends below the person's hand.  Thus, the hatchet handle could be two handbreadths plus three fingerbreadths long; a handbreadth in the "front" going from the hatchet's metal head to its user's hand, the handbreadth held by the user's hand, and three fingerbreadths below that.)

רבי יוסי אומר

Rabbi Yosi says

טפח טהור

(if the back of the handle extends) a handbreadth (then the entire handle is too long to use properly, and) it is tahor


פרק כט משנה ה

חוט מאזנים של חנונים

The cord of a balance of shopkeepers,

של בעלי בתים

(or) of householders


a handbreadth  (of the cord was considered attached to the scale for the purpose of tumah and tahrah).

יד הקרדם מלפניו

The handle of a hatchet from in front


is a handbreadth (see the explanation given in the previous mishnah regarding the "back" of the handle).

שירי יד הפרגול

The remnant of a compass handle (this refers to a drawing compass used by carpenters to scribe a circle; it was comprised of two legs joined together with a hinge at one of their ends, and at their other ends were metal points; the handle is the part the extends from its top by the hinge and was used to hold the compass while using it to draw),


a handbreadth (i.e. if the handle broke, a handbreadth must remain for it to be considered an attachment to the compass for the purposes of tumah and taharah).

יד מקבת [של יד]י

The handle of a chisel

של מפתחי אבנים

of stone engravers,


(must be) a handbreadth (to be considered an attachment for the purposes of tumah and taharah).


לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל