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מסכת כלים

פרק כח משנה י


A hairnet

שהתחיל בה מפיה

that was begun from its rim (that is to say, if one began constructing a hairnet from its rim)


it is tahor

עד שיגמור את קורקורתה

until one finishes its middle (literally the bottom, this refers to the top or middle of  the hairnet)

התחיל בה מקורקורתה

if one began from its middle


it is tahor

עד שיגמור את פיה

until one finishes its rim.

שביס שלה

It's band (the hairnet would have a decorative band, akin to a woman's headband, that was attached to it but that was easily removed and would be used with a different hairnets)

טמא בפני עצמו

is tamei by itself.

החוטין שלה

Its strings (some say these were attached to the hairnet and used to tie it in place, others say that they were decorative)

טמאין משום חבור

are tamei for being attached (but if not attached, they are not regarded as independent garments and are not tamei).

סבכה שנקרעה

A hairnet that tore,

אם אינה מקבלת

if it cannot hold

את רוב השער

most of the hair


it is tahor.


פרק כט משנה א

נומי הסדין

The fringes of the sheet (some say these were decorative, other that this refers to warp threads left hanging loose after weaving)


and (of) the scarves (some say that this was worn around the neck, others say it was used as a veil, and others say it was a type of head covering)


and (of) the hats (this particular hat had earflaps)

והפליון של ראש

and of the bonnet (a pilyon was a shawl, this garment was worn on the head with flaps that were tied under the neck,

שש אצבעות

six fingers (that is to say, up to six fingerbreadths of these fringes were considered to be a useful attachment, or a yad, of the garment, such that they were considered attached to it susceptible to tumah; the uses may have been as handles, decorative elements, or as strengthening the weave of the textile);

של אפקרסין עשר

that of an aphkarsin, ten (this was a type type of undergarment which was laced up using the strings at the fringes, which therefore could be as long as ten fingerbreadths).

נימי סגוס

The fringes of an overcoat


and the veil


and the shirt


and of the cloak (a four-cornered garment),

שלש אצבעות

three fingerbreadths.

נימי כפה של זקנה

The fringes of an old woman's head kerchief,

והגמדין של ערביין

and the Arabian face covering (worn over the face to protect from the cold),


and the Sicilian garment (made of coarse goat's hair, it was a belt for an animal or a small hat)


and the hollow belt (used to hold money)


and the turban


and the partition (an expensive curtain hung in the doorways of palaces),

נימיהן כל שהן

their fringes is whatever they are.


לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל