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מסכת כלים

פרק כז משנה ו

אלו נמדדין כפולין

These are measured doubled (each of the following items are comprised of two lengths of material worn one on each side of the body, and to be susceptible to tumah, each length must be of the minimum prescribed amount):


A cloth shoe,


and breeches,


and pants,


and a hat,

וכיס של פנדיה

and a hollow belt (which made to hold items such as money in it).


And a patch

שטליה על השפה

that is fastened to the edge (some say this was a piece of material fastened to the neck of a garment to reinforce it, others say it was a type of collar),

אם פשוטה

if straight (if attached to only one side of the garment)

נמדדת פשוטה

it is measured straight,

ואם כפולה

and if doubled

נמדדת כפולה

it is measured doubled.


פרק כז משנה ז


The cloth

שארג בו שלשה על שלשה

that was (initially) woven (to precisely) three by three (handbreadths in size),

ונטמא מדרס

and became tamei midras,

והשלים עליו

and was (then) completed (weaving) upon it

את כל הבגד

the entire garment (which shared the tumah of that initial three by three piece),

ואחר כך

and after that

נטל חוט אחד מתחלתו

one thread from its beginning was removed (meaning the initial piece that was three by three is now smaller than the minimum amount to have the tumah of midras),

טהור מן המדרס

it (the entire garment) is tahor from midras

אבל טמא מגע מדרס

but is tamei from contact with something that was tamei midras (as it was in contact with the initial three by three piece when that was tamei midras);

נטל חוט אחד מתחלתו

if one thread from its beginning was removed (after that piece of material was tamei midras)

ואחר כך השלים עליו

and then was completed upon it

את כל הבגד

the entire garment,

טמא מגע מדרס

it is tamei  from contact with midras. (We regard the original piece as, in addition to being tamei midras, but also tamei for contact with something that was tamei midras, and that status was not lost when it became smaller than three by three, and was then communicated to the rest of the garment when that was woven upon it).


לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל