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מסכת כלים

פרק כז משנה ד

המקצע מכלם

One who trims from any of these (the materials of the previous mishnah)

טפח על טפח

(a piece that measures) a handbreadth by a handbreadth


it is tamei (this case is where the one square handbreadth piece was specifically cut to be used to sit on, such as a patch for a saddle; this is in contrast to the larger minimum measures of the previous mishnah, which applies to items that had been designated for use as a seat, but not manufactured specifically for that purpose).

משולי הקפה

(If one cut a piece for use in a seat) from the bottom of a basket (made of matting)

טפח על טפח

(a piece that measures) a handbreadth by a handbreadth,


it is tamei;

מצדדי הקפה

from the sides of the basket,

רבי שמעון מטהר

Rabbi Shimon ruled it is tahor (due to the curve of the basket walls, he holds such a piece unsuitable for use as a seat),

וחכמים אומרים

and the Sages say

המקצע טפח על טפח

one who cuts (a piece that measures) a handbreadth by a handbreadth

מכל מקום טמא

from any place, it is tamei.


פרק כז משנה ה

בלויי נפה וכברה

A worn out sifter (with a screen made of hide or animal hair) or sieve (with a screen made from leather or plant material having the status of wood)

שהתקינן לישיבה

that was prepared for sitting (the screens of both of these utensils were mounted on a frame; some say it is the frame that wore out, other that it was the screen),

רבי עקיבה מטמא

Rabbi Akiva rules is tamei (as no modification was necessary for them to become suitable for sitting),

וחכמים מטהרין

and the Sages rule is tahor

עד שיקצע

until he trims it (as they hold intent is not sufficient, and that a physical modification was necessary).

כסא של קטן

The chair of a child

שיש לו רגלים

that has legs,

אף על פי

even though

שאין בו גבה טפח

it lack a handbreadth's height (the minimum required for an adult's chair),


is tamei.

חלוק של קטן

The shirt of a child,

רבי אליעזר אומר

Rabbi Eliezer says

כל שהוא

any size (is susceptible to tumah),

וחכמים אומרים

and the Sages say

עד שיהיה בו כשעור

(not) until it has the minimum measure,

ונמדד כפול

and it is measured doubled (that is, both the front and the back of the shirt must each separately have the minimum amount).


לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל