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מסכת כלים

פרק כז משנה יא

שלשה על שלשה

Three by three (handbreadths of cloth)


that tore (but did not split completely in two),

אם נתנו על הכסא

if placed on a chair (and one sat on it)

ובשרו נוגע בכסא

and the flesh (of a person sitting on the chair) touches the chair


it is tahor (from midras),

ואם לאו טמא

and if not it is tamei.

שלש על שלש

(A piece of cloth that was precisely) three by three (fingerbreadths)

שנמהה ממנה חוט אחד

that one thread from it wore out (but remained attached),

או שנמצא בה קשר

or a knot was found in it

או שני חוטין

or two threads


alongside each other (that is to say, either two knots were found adjacent to each other where torn threads had been repaired, or two threads were woven in the identical over-under pattern, rather than one being over-under and the other under-over, which would happen if when being woven, the heddles of the loom were not alternately raised and lowered in between two passes of the shuttle bearing the weft yarn),


is tahor. (In the cases of the worn out thread, it is too insignificant to count as part of the material; the same would go for the second of the two parallel threads.  In the case of the two knots, because of the protrusion they cause, one would be bound to untie of of the knots and replace the entire torn thread, and so it too does not count).

שלש על שלש

(A piece of cloth that was) three by three (fingerbreadths)

שהשליכה על האשפות

that was thrown into the trash heaps


is tahor;

החזירה טמאה

if it is retrieved it is (able to become) tamei;

לעולם השלכתה מטהרתה

Always, throwing it out makes it tahor

והחזרתה מטמאתה

and retrieval makes it (able to become) tamei,

חוץ משל ארגמן

except for purple cloth

ושל זהורית טובה

and of good crimson (which are valuable, and so retain their status even when thrown out);

רבי אליעזר אומר

Rabbi Eliezer says,

אף מטלית חדשה

also a patch of new material

כיוצא בהן

is like them;

רבי שמעון אומר

Rabbi Shimon says

כלן טהורין

all of them are tahor,

לא הזכרו

they did not mention (this differentiation of purple and fine crimson material)

אלא מפני השבת אבדה

except for returning lost items. (If one finds such an item in a trash heap, one must assume it got there accidentally and that the owner will hope to recover it.  As such, attempts must be made to return it.)


פרק כח משנה א

שלש על שלש

Three by three (handbreadths of cloth)

שנתנה בכדור

that was put inside a ball (as stuffing),

או שעשאה כדור בפני עצמה

or was itself made into a ball,


is tahor (as this demonstrated an intent to no longer use it as a cloth).

אבל שלשה על שלשה

But three by three (handbreadths of cloth)

שנתנו בכדור

that was put inside a ball


is tamei

עשאו כדור בפני עצמו

if it itself was made into a ball (and it measured precisely three by three handbreadths)


it is tahor

מפני שהתפר ממעטו

as the stitching reduced its size.


לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל