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מסכת כלים

פרק כה משנה ח


How is this (what is the concept stated in the previous mishnah, of the tahor hands)?

היו ידיו טהורות

If one's hands were tahor

ואחורי הכוס טמאים

and the exterior of the cup was tamei,

אחזו בבית צביעתו

and one held it by the fingerholds

אינו חושש

he need not worry

שמא נטמאו ידיו

that perhaps his hand became tamei

באחורי הכוס

from the exterior of the cup.

היה שותה בכוס

If one was drinking from a cup

שאחוריו טמאים

whose exterior was tamei,

אינו חושש

he need not worry

שמא נטמא משקה שבפיו

that perhaps the liquid in his mouth became tamei

באחורי הכוס

from the exterior of the cup

וחזר וטימא את הכוס

and went back and rendered the cup tamei.

קמקום שהוא מרתיח

A kettle that is boiling,

אינו חושש

one need not worry

שמא יצאו משקין מתוכו

that perhaps liquid went out from inside of it

ונגעו באחוריו

and touched its exterior

וחזרו לתוכו

and returned inside it.


פרק כה משנה ט

כלי הקדש

Utensil for use with kodesh (for use with food from sacrifices)

אין להם אחורים ותוך

do not have an exterior or interior (both are treated the same, and any contact with a tamei liquid will render the entire vessel tamei)

ואין להם בית צביעה

and they do not have fingerholds (that are treated differently than their interiors).

ואין מטבילין

And we do not immerse

כלים בתוך כלים לקדש

utensils inside utensils for use with kodesh (the vessels must be separated completely to prevent the possibility of one covering the other while being immersed).

כל הכלים

All utensils

יורדין לידי טמאתן במחשבה

become susceptible to tumah by thought (e.g. the ring of an animal, which is normally not susceptible to tumah, that one had in mind to wear it oneself, becomes susceptible as an ordinary ring for a person; the same would go for a vessel that has not been finished to the usual degree that one intends to use in that state),

ואינן עולים מידי טמאתן

and do not become impervious from tumah

אלא בשנוי מעשה

except through a physical change,

שהמעשה מבטל מיד המעשה

as an act nullifies an act

ומיד המחשבה

and a thought,

והמחשבה אינה מבטלת

but the thought does not nullify

לא מיד מעשה

neither the act

ולא מיד מחשבה

nor the thought.


לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל