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מסכת כלים

פרק כד משנה יג

שלשה סדינין הן

There are three types of sheets:

העשוי לשכיבה

Those that are made for lying upon;

טמא מדרס

[are susceptible to] the tumah of midras;


[those made for use] as a curtain (some interpret this as sheets made for use as a sail)

טמאה טמא מת

[are susceptible to the] tumah of a corpse;

ושל צורות

and for pictures (some say these are tapestries, others that these are textiles with designs embroidered on them as a guide for one who is coping that design)

טהור מכלום

is tahor from anything.


פרק כד משנה יד

שלש מטפחות הן

There are three types of matpechos (these were small pieces of material, some were used as towels, some for other purposes):

של ידים

for [wiping one's] hands (as a towel)

טמאה מדרס

[is susceptible to] the tumah of midras; (as at times it would be placed on a mattress and slept upon)

של ספרין

for [wrapping] scrolls (like the mantel of a sefer torah)

טמאה טמא מת

[is susceptible to the] tumah of a corpse (it would serve a person at times, such as when the scroll was unwrapped and the material would be placed on his lap with the scroll on top of it);

ושל תכריך

and of shrouds

ושל נבלי בני לוי

and of the lyres of the Levites

טהורה מכלום

is tahor from anything (as they lacked a receptacle; see 16:7).


לרפואת מרים חיה בת ברכה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל