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מסכת כלים

פרק יט משנה ח

התרמל שנפחת

The [leather] shepherd's pouch that was damaged,

כיס שבתוכו

the pocket inside of it


is tamei

ואינו חבור לו

and is not [considered] connected to it (the novelty of this, as compared to the compartments of the previous mishnah which had the same status, as that the compartments were small boxes by themselves which were then fastened inside the chest; here the pockets are made from a leather patch being sewn by three of its side to the inside wall of the pouch).


The waterskin (made from a piece of an animal's hide)

שביצים שלה

whose sacs

מקבלות עמה

contain with it (these sacs are actually the scrotum, which were connected to the animal skin that forms the waterskin; rather than cutting it off and having to sew up the hole, they were left in place and held liquids together with the main body of the waterskin)


and they were damaged,


they are tahor

שאינם מקבלות כדרכן

as they do not hold in their usual fashion.  (Some say the part damaged was the main body of the waterskin, and the mishnah is saying that the sacs are tahor, other interpret it the other way around, with the sacs damaged, and the main body of the waterskin consequently tahor.)


פרק יט משנה ט


A [wooden] chest

שפתחה מצדה

that has its opening on its side

טמאה מדרס

can become tamei midras (as it would be sat upon and items could still be put in or taken out of it)

וטמא מת

and to the tamei from a corpse;

אמר רבי יוסי

Rabbi Yosi says


when is this so?

בזמן שאינה

When it is not

גבוהה עשרה טפחים

ten handbreadths high

או שאין לה לזבז טפח

and it does not have a rim that is a handbreadth high (as in these cases it would not be sat upon).

נפחתה מלמעלן

If the top was damaged

טמאה טמא מת

it can acquire tumah from a corpse (but not midras, as it can no longer be sat upon);

נפחתה מלמטן

if the bottom was damaged

רבי מאיר מטמא

Rabbi Meir rules that it is tamei (midras, as it can still be sat upon, even though it can't hold anything)

וחכמים מטהרין

and the Sages rule it is tahor

מפני שבטל העקר

as when it's main purpose is eliminated,

בטלה הטפלה

its secondary purpose is eliminated.


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