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מסכת כלים

פרק יט משנה ו

נשא הזב על המטה

If a zav is supported by a bed


A bed

שכרך לה מזרן

that was wrapped with a mizran,

נגע בהן המת

and a corpse touches them,

טמאין טמאת שבעה

they are tamei with seven-day tumah,


if they separate,

טמאין טמאת שבעה they are tamei with seven-day tumah;
נגע בה שרץ

if a sheretz touches them,

טמאין טמאת ערב

they are tamei the tumah of a night,


if they separate

טמאין טמאת ערב

they are tamei the tumah of a night.


A bed [that was tamei]

שנטלו שתי ארוכות שלה

from which two of its long boards were removed

ועשה לה חדשות

and one made new ones for it

ולא שנה את הנקבים

and did not change the notches (in the bed's legs that holds these boards, so the old boards can still be put back),

נשתברו חדשות

if the new ones break,


[the bed is still] tamei,


and if the old [boards broke]


it is tahor,

שהכל הולך אחר הישנות

as everything depends on the old ones.


פרק יט משנה ז


A [wooden] chest

שפתחה מלמעלה

that has its opening on it top (it had a hinged door on its side or top)

טמאה טמא מת

is susceptible to tumah from a corpse (but not midras).

נפחתה מלמעלה

If it was damaged on top (i.e. the lid was removed)

טמאה טמא מת

it is (still) susceptible to tumah from a corpse,

נפחתה מלמטה

if it was damaged on its bottom (its floor was damaged such that it can no longer hold anything)


it is tahor,

מגורות שבה

the compartments in it


are tamei (even though the bottom of the chest is gone, these sub-compartments within the chest can still hold items)

ואינן חבור לה

and are not connected to it (because the chest and the compartments do not work together to perform their function, as opposed to something like a mizran and a bed).


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