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מסכת כלים

פרק יט משנה י


A mashpeles (a large wicker basket; the type referred to here was used to haul dung or trash, and was made to either go over the back of an animal, with a place for a person to sit, or to be carried by a person, and included a cane-like support for the carrier's weight to allow the person to rest)

שנפחתה מלקבל רמונים

that was too damaged to hold pomegranates,

רבי מאיר מטמא

Rabbi Meir rules is tamei (midras)

וחכמים מטהרים

and the Sages rule is tahor,

מפני שבטל העקר

as when its main purpose is eliminated,

בטלה הטפלה

its secondary purpose is eliminated.


פרק כ משנה א




and mattresses


sacks (made of sackcloth)


and martzufim (large leather sacks used to transport goods on ships)


that were damaged (and can no longer be used as a container)

הרי אלו טמאים מדרס

are tamei midras (even according the Sages, as sitting was one of the originally intended uses for these items).

הקלסטר ארבעת קבין

The feedbag [that holds at least] four kavs,

התרמל חמשת קבין

the shepherd's pouch [that holds at least] five kavs,

הכרסית סאה

the small leather sack [that holds at least] a se'ah,

החמת של שבעת קבין

the waterskin [that holds at least] seven kavs,

רבי יהודה אומר

Rabbi Yehuda says

אף הרבצל

also the spice bag (a very small leather pouch)


and the traveler's bag

כל שהן

of any size,

הרי אלו טמאין מדרס

these are all tamei midras,

וכלן שנפחתו

and all, if damaged,


are tahor,

מפני שבטל העקר

as its main purpose is eliminated,

ובטלה הטפלה

and its secondary purpose is eliminated.


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