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מסכת כלים

פרק יח משנה ג


The bin (of less than 40 se'ahs or three cubic cubits),


and the box,


and the cabinet,

שנטלה אחד מרגליהן

that had one of their legs was removed,

אף על פי שמקבלין

even though they can contain (they can still serve as a container)


they are tahor;

ושאינן מקבלין כדרכן

and that which cannot contain in their usual manner (this refers to a container that can hold more than 40 se'ahs, but not when standing upright),

רבי יוסי מטמא

Rabbi Yosi rules they are tamei.

ונקליטי המטה

And the poles of a bed (a pair of poles, one at the foot and the other at the head of the bed, from which a tent-like canopy or netting would be hung)


and the platform (a thick wooden board or blocks placed under the bed),


and the covering (decorative metal plating that overlay parts of the bed)


are tahor,

אין טמא אלא מטה

and nothing is tamei except the bed


and the malbein (some say that these were wooden blocks with sockets that the legs of the bed were inserted into, and they were tamei as they were permanently attached to the bed);

ומלבני בני לוי

and the malbeins of the Levites (which were removeable, as the Levites were itinerant)


are tahor.


משנה ד


A malbein

שנתנו על לשונות

that was placed on tongues (another small piece of wood that would go under the malbein)

רבי מאיר ורבי יהודה

Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yehuda


rule (the tongues) are tamei,

רבי יוסי ורבי שמעון

Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Shimon


rule they are tahor;

אמר רבי יוסי

Rabbi Yosi said

מה שנה זה

what is different about this

ממלבני בני לוי

than the malbeins of the Levites

שמלבני בני לוי טהורין

that the malbeins of the Levites are tahor (as both would be removed on occassion)?