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מסכת כלים פרק יז משנה ב

Note: the below interpretations of these two mishnayos follows the opinion of the Tiferes Yisroel, which differs from that of others.


The flask (which is made of leather and would be used to store balls of thread)


its measure (of a hole large enough to make it tahor) ;

בפקעיות של שתי [if it was designated to hold balls] of warp thread (warp threads were thinner than weft threads, and so a ball of that type of thread would be smaller)
אם אינה מקבלת של שתי

[it would be tahor] if it cannot hold [balls] of warp [thread];

אף על פי

even though

שמקבלת של ערב

[if it was designated] to hold [balls] of weft [thread],


it would be tamei.

בית קערות

A dish-holder [becomes tahor]

שאינו מקבל קערות

when it [has a hole such that it] cannot hold dishes

אף על פי מקבל תמחויין

even though [if designated] to hold platters


it would be tamei.

בית הרעי

A chamber pot [becomes tahor]

שאינו מקבל משקין

when it [has a hole such that it] can no longer hold liquids (as it is meant to hold urine)

אף על פי

even though

שמקבל הרעי

when it is designated for excrement


it would be tamei.

רבן גמליאל מטהר

Rabban Gamliel rules (in each of the above cases that we said would be be tamei) it would be tahor,

מפני שאין מקימין אותן

as [people] do not keep it (such a damaged vessel would be discarded).


פרק יז משנה ג

הסלין של פת Bread baskets
שעורן בככרות של פת their measure [of when a hole would make them tahor is when it is big enough] for loaves of bread.
אפיפירות Apifiros (a type of mat woven from twigs, reeds or papyrus, and which is not susceptible to tumah)
שעשה להן קנים that if one made reeds for them
מלמטן למעלן לחזוק from the bottom to the top for support (that is, the reeds were attached at the edge in such a way as it now has a raised rim)
טהורה it is tahor (either because the reeds are easily removed),
עשה לה גפים כל שהן if he made for them rims of the slightest amount (which are more permanently attached)
טמאה it is tamei;
רבי שמעון אומר Rabbi Shimon says
אם אינה יכולה להינטל בגפים if it cannot be held by the rims
טהורה it is tahor.