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מסכת כלים פרק יז משנה יב
ויש שאמרו

And there are those [measures] in with they spoke

במדה גסה

in large measures (rather than small or medium):

מלא תרוד רקב

A ladle's worth of the dust of a decomposed corpse (which is tamei only in that amount or greater)

כמלא תרוד גדול של רופאים

is equivalent to the volume of large doctor's ladle (which was larger than standard ladles);

וגריס נגעים

the  split bean of negaim (the minimum measure of tzoraas)

כגריס הקלקי

is equivalent to the split bean of Cilicia;

האוכל ביום הכיפורים

one who eats on Yom Kippur

ככותבת הגסה

like a large date,

כמוה וכגרעינתה

like its equivalent and and its pit (will have transgressed the prohibition against eating on that day)

ונודות יין ושמן

And of leather wine and oil bottles,


their measure (of a hole large enough to render them tahor)

כפיקה גדולה שלהן

is like the size of a large whorl (a wheel shaped weight used with a spindle for spinning thread);


and a window

שלא נעשה בידי אדם

that was not man-made


its measure (to allow tumah conveyed by a canopy to spread through it)

כמלא אגרוף גדול

is like the volume of a large fist,

זה הוא אגרופו

this is the fist

של בן אבטיח

of ben Battiach (a particular person known to have very large hands);

אמר רבי יוסי

Rabbi Yosi says

ישנו כראש גדול של אדם

this is as a large head of a man;

ושנעשה בידי אדם

and that [window] which was man made,


its measure

כמלא מקדח גדול של לשכה

is like the size of the large auger of the [Temple] chamber (this refers to a particular drill used in the Temple's upkeep),

שהוא כפנדיון האיטלקי

which is like an Italian pundyon,

וכסלע הנירונית

as like a Neronian sela,

וכמלא נקב שבעל

and like the size of the hole that is in a yoke (used to hold a peg that the reins were fastened to).


פרק יז משנה יג

כל שבים טהור

All [utensils made from creatures] that are in the sea are tahor,

חוץ מכלב המים

except for the dog of the sea (it is not clear what animal this is; some suggest an otter)

מפני שהוא בורח ליבשה

as it flees to the dry land,

דברי רבי עקיבה

these are the words of Rabbi Akiva.

העושה כלים

One who makes utensils

מן הגדל שבים

from that which grows in the sea

וחיבר להם

and attached to them

מן הגדל בארץ

from that which grows on land,

אפילו חוט

even a thread,

אפילו משיחה

even a string,

דבר שהוא מקבל טמאה

[but] something that is susceptible to tumah,


it is tamei.