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מסכת כלים פרק יז משנה י
רבי מאיר אומר

Rabbi Meir says

כל האמות

all the cubits [mentioned with regard to the Temple]

היו בינוניות

were the medium cubits (of six handbreadths, as opposed to five, which was the case with the following excptions),

חוץ ממזבח הזהב

except for the Altar of Gold,


and the horns [of the larger altar in the courtyard],


and the ledge [of the larger altar in the courtyard],


and the base [of the larger altar in the courtyard];

רבי יהודה אומר

Rabbi Yehuda says

אמה הבנין

the cubit of the structure [of the Temple]

ששה טפחים

was six handbreadths,

ושל כלים

and of [the Temple's] utensils


was five.


פרק יז משנה יא

ויש שאמרו

And there are those [measures] in with they spoke

במדה דקה

in small measures (rather than medium or large):

מדות הלח והיבש

Measures of liquid and dry [volumes used in the Temple],

שיעורן באיטלקי

their measures are in the Italian,

זו מדברית

which is [the same as] of the wilderness.

ויש שאמרו

And there are those [measures] in with they spoke

הכל לפי מה שהוא אדם

all according to the individual:

הקומץ את המנחה

The [kohen] who performed kemitzah on a korban mincha (in which he would scoop flour using his middle three fingers),

והחופן את הקטרת

and the [Kohen Gadol] who scoops [with his hand] the incense [on Yom Kippur],

והשותה כמלא לוגמיו

and one who drinks his cheekful

ביום הכפורים

on Yom Kippur (which is the minimum amount to be culpable),

וכמזון שתי סעודות לערוב

and the food for two meals for a eruv (this refers to the amount of food that must be used to change the starting point of one's techum, the maximum distance that one may travel on shabbos)

מזונו לחל

(which also is) ones' food for a weekday

אבל לא לשבת

but not for shabbos,

דברי רבי מאיר

this is the opinion of Rabbi Meir;

רבי יהודה אומר

Rabbi Yehuda says

לשבת אבל לא לחל

for shabbos but not for the weekdays.

אלו ואלו מתכונין להקל

and this one and that one [Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yehuda] intended to be lenient (each thought that his measure was the smaller);

רבי שמעון אומר

Rabbi Shimon says (this measure was)

משתי ידות לככר

two thirds of a loaf

משלש לקב

of which there are three [loaves] to a kav (a kav is a measure of volume equal to 24 eggs, and so the measure for this eruv is two thirds of one third of that, or five and one third eggs);

רבי יוחנן בן ברוקה אומר

Rabbi Yochanan ben Brokah says

מכיכר בפנדיון

a loaf word a pundyon

מארבע סאין בסלע

when four se'ah cost a sela (a pundyon was worth forty-eight sela, so this loaf would be 1/12 of a se'ah).