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מסכת כלים פרק טז משנה ב
הסלים של עץ

The wooden baskets [become susceptible to tumah]


from when one finishes (that is, at the point when their rims have been woven)

ויקנב and trims (i.e. any wicker pieces that stuck out were trimmed to be flush with the basket)
ושל תמרה

and of palm [leaf strips]

אף על פי even though
שלא קינב מבפנים he did not trim them from the inside
טמא they are tamei
שכן מקימין as thus they are kept;
כלכלה a [reed] basket
משיחסום ויקנב from then one finishes and trims
ויגמור את התלויה and completes the hanging cord;
בית הלגינין the place of the flasks
ובית הכוסות and the place for the cups (protectice cases for flasks and cups were woven from palm leaves)
אף על פי even though
שלא קנב מבפנים one has not trimmed from their inside
טמא are tamei
שכן מקימין as thus they are kept.

פרק טז משנה ג

הקנונין הקטנים

The small sifters (used to sift beans, it was made of palm leaves


and miniature baskets

משיחסום ויקנב

[become susceptible to tumah] from when they are finished and trimmed;

הקנונים הגדולים

the large baskets

והסוגין הגדולים

and the large baskets,

משיעשה שני דורים

from when one makes two coils

לרחב שלהן

around their circumference (these were formed from a long rope of reeds or other such material; it was begun with the rope coiled around itself in a spiral, with successive layers of the spiral sewn to preceding layers, such that it formed a flat disc that was the bottom of the utensil; when the desired circumference was thus achieved, the rope was coiled atop the outermost layers, instead of around it, thereby creating the walls of this utensil; once a later two coils high, above the disc that formed the base, was achieved, it was susceptible to tumah);

ים נפה

the screen of a sifter


and of a sieve,

וכף של מאזנים

the the pan of a balance,

משיעשה דור אחד

from when he made one coil

לרוחב שלהן

around their circumference (as they did not need high walls to fulfill their function);


the basket (which, instead of being formed from one long rope coiled around itself, was made from rings of such material attached to each other)

משיעשה שתי צפירות

from when one makes two rings

לרחב שלה

around its circumference;


and the arak (a long and narrow basket, also made of rings of material, but with lower walls)

משיעשה בו צפירה אחת

from when one makes one ring.