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מסכת כלים פרק טו משנה ב
ארובות של נחתומים

Baker's boards (wooden boards on which loaves were arranged prior to baking)


are [rabbinically] tamei (they lack a receptacle, but otherwise appear to be utensils in the way that they are used),

ושל בעלי בתים

and of householders (which do not share this appearance of being a utensil)


are tahor;

סרקן או כרכמן

if one dyed them red or saffron (or another color)


they are [rabbinically] tamei (as they now have the appearance of utensils).

דף של נחתומין

A baker's shelf (made of metal)

שקבעו בכותל

that was fixed to a wall,

רבי אליעזר מטהר

Rabbi Eliezer rules is tahor (as it is attached to a wall which is attached to the ground)

וחכמים מטמאים

and the Sages rule it is tamei (as it was a utensil that was susceptible to tumah prior to being attached to the wall).


A mat (this was actually just a plain wooden board, upon which dough would be kneaded; others say this refers to a vessel used to hold water used in making bread),

של נחתומין טמא

of bakers is [rabbinically] tamei

ושל בעלי בתים טהור

and of householders is tahor;

גפפו מארבע רוחותיו

if one made a rim for it from [all] four directions


it is tamei (as it now has a receptacle),

נפרץ מרוח אחת

[but if subsequently] it is broken through from one side


it is tahor.

רבי שמעון אומר

Rabbi Shimon says

אם התקינו להיות קורץ עליו

if one prepared it [the householder's wooden mat] to slice [dough] on it


it is [rabbinically] tamei.

וכן המערוך

And similarly the rolling pin


is [rabbinically] tamei (as it would be used to carry rolled-out dough draped over it).


פרק טו משנה ג

ים נפה

The screen of a flour sifter (this was made of animal hair, which has the same status of wood; others say it was a chute that sat below the sifter to ensure that the flour did not spread out below)

של סלתין

of flour merchants


is tamei (although it lacked a receptacle, the merchant would collect any flour that got caught in this part, and so it acted as a receptacle)

ושל בעלי בתים טהור

and of householders is tahor (the householder was not as meticulous about collecting any flour that got caught in it).

רבי יהודה אומר

Rabbi Yehuda says

אף של גודלת

Also (the mesh screen) of hair-braiders (this was used to catch anything that fell out of the hair)

טמא מושב

is [susceptible to the] tumah of a seat

מפני שהבנות

as daughters

יושבות בתוכו וגודלות

sit on it and have their hair braided