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מסכת כלים פרק יד משנה ו
כסוי טני

The cover of a householder's teni (a type of metal box which is susceptible to tumah),

של מתכת

made of metal (but is still tahor)

שעשה בו מראה

that one made into a mirror (by polishing it),

רבי יהודה מטהר

Rabbi Yehuda ruled is tahor (since it is still chiefly used as a lid and only occasionally as a mirror)

וחכמים מטמאין

and the Sages ruled is tamei.

מראה שנשברה

A [metal] mirror that broke

אם אינה מראה

if it cannot reflect

את רוב הפנים

the majority of a face


is tahor.


פרק יג משנה ז

Note that while a metal utensil that was broken is טהור מדאורייתא, it was decreed that if repaired it would regain its original level of טומאה, which is referred to as טומאה ישנה, or "old tumah"

כלי מתכות

Metal utensils (which, after becoming tamei from a corpse must be sprinkled with mei chattas, the water derived from a red heifer, on the third and seventh day after it became tamei)

מטמאין ומטהרין שבורין

contract tumah and become tahor when broken (that is to say that breaking a metal utensil that is tamei can have either the effect of accelerating and delaying its purification),

דברי רבי אליעזר

these are the words of Rabbi Eliezer (he held that if after the sprinkling of the third day it was broken and then remade, it may immediately be sprinkled again, instead of waiting for the seventh day; he was of the opinion that the decree of "old tumah" was intended only to prevent people from avoiding the process of using mei chattas, which this did).

רבי יהושוע אומר

Rabbi Yehoshua says

אינן מטהרין אלא שלמין

they do not become tahor except when whole (i.e. the regular process must be gone completed).


How is this?

הזה עליהן

If one sprinkled on them (on the third day after they became tamei),

נשברו בו ביום

they broke that day,


he remade them,

וחזר והזה עליהן שנית

and returned and sprinkled on them a second time

בו ביום

that day,

הרי אלו טהורין

those are tahor,

דברי רבי אליעזר

these are the words of Rabbi Eliezer;

רבי יהושוע אומר

Rabbi Yehoshua says

אין הזאה

there is no [valid] sprinkling

פחות משלישי ושביעי

before the third and seventh (i.e. it must be done as always, on the third and seventh day after it became tamei).