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מסכת כלים פרק יג משנה ח
מסרק של פשתן

A comb for flax (this has a wooden body and metal teeth)

שנטלו שניו

whose teeth were removed

ונשתיר בו שתים

and two teeth were left in it (even if they are not adjacent)


is tamei (as it can still be used to comb flax);

ואחת טהור

and [if only] one [tooth was left] is tahor;


and all of them [the teeth],

אחת אחת בפני עצמן

each one by itself (i.e. a tooth that was removed from this comb)


are tamei (as one can be used as a stylus for a wax tablet).

ושל צמר

And [a comb] for wool

שנטלו שניו

whose teeth were removed

אחת מבינתים

one between them (i.e. if every other tooth was removed)


is tahor (as it cannot properly comb wool, which is more tangled than flax);

נשתיר בו

if there was left in it

שלש במקום אחד

three [teeth] in one spot


it is tamei;

היתה החיצונה

if the outer one (the outer teeth were thicker, and thus do not really help comb the wool)

אחת מהן

was one of them (the aforementioned three teeth)


it is tahor;

נטלו ממנו שתים

if two were removed from it

ועשאן למלקטת

and one made them into tweezers


they are tamei;


one [tooth that was removed]

והתקינה לנר או למתוח

and one prepared it to [use as a tool to clean out] a lamp or [to use as a pin] to stretch [fabric]


it is tamei.


פרק יד משנה א

כלי מתכות

Metal utensils

כמה הוא שעורן

what is their measure (such that if broken, they will still be susceptible to tumah)?


The bucket,

כדי למלאות בו

sufficient to draw [water from a well] with;


a kettle,

כדי ליחם בו

sufficient to heat water with;


a boiler,

כדי לקבל סלעים

sufficient to hold selas (boilers were sometimes used to store these coins);


the stewpot (which was also used to heat water and clean in it small ladles),

כדי לקבל קיתונות

sufficient to hold ladles;



כדי לקבל פרוטות

sufficient to hold perutahs (they were sometimes used to store these coins).

מידות יין ביין

Wine measures with wine (i.e. vessels used to measure wine will remain tamei after being damaged if they can still hold wine sufficiently to measure it)

ומידות שמן בשמן

and oil measures with oil;

רבי אליעזר אומר

Rabbi Eliezer says

כלן בפרוטות

all of them with perutahs (he holds that these measuring vessels were sometimes also used to store coins).

רבי עקיבה אומר

Rabbi Akiva says

המחוסר חטיפה

[a newly made utensil] that is lacking a cover


is tamei (even though the manufacturing process hasn't yet been completed, as the vessel is meant to have its cover),

והמחוסר לטישה

and that which is lacking hammering (the final manufacturing step that requires the skill of a craftsman)


is tahor.