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מסכת כלים פרק יג משנה ד

A fire shovel

שנטלה כפה

whose scoop was removed


is tamei

מפני שהיא כקרנס

because it is like a hammer (the end of the handle opposite the scoop was wide and heavy, and could be used to crush coals),

דברי רבי מאיר

these are the words of Rabbi Meir,

וחכמים מטהרין

and the Sages rule it is tahor (as it was never intended to be used this way).


A saw

שנטלו שניה

whose teeth were removed,

אחת מבינתים

one from in between every two (i.e. every other tooth was removed)


is tahor (as it can no longer function).

נשתיר בה

If there remains in it

מלוא הסיט

like the size of a sit (some say this is the distance between an outspread thumb and index finger, other from the outspread index finger to the middle finger)

במקום אחד

in one spot


it is tamei.


The plane (a tool consisting of a block with a slightly projecting metal blade from its middle, used to smooth a wooden or other surface by paring shavings from it)


and the scalpel,


and the chisel,


and the auger (a hand-drill)


that were damaged (the damage was to the body of these tools, but not their cutting edges)


are tamei;

ניטל חסומן טהורין

if their cutting edge (made of a different, harder metal than the body) was removed, they are tahor;

 וכולן שנחלקו לשנים

and all of them that were broken into two


are tamei (if a piece of the cutting edge remains attached to each half),

חוץ מן המקדח

except for the auger (as each half cannot have the cutting edge, it is impossible to function properly once broken in two);

והרונקי בפני עצמה

and the plane block alone (without the blade)


is tahor.


פרק יג משנה ה


A needle

שניטל חרירה

whose eye was removed,

או עקצה

or its point,


is tahor.

אם התקינה למתוח

If prepared for stretching (it was prepared for use as  a pin)


it is tamei.

של סקיין

[The needle] of a sackmaker

שניטל חרירה טמאה

whose eye was removed is tamei,

מפני שהוא כותב בה

as one writes with it (this was a larger needle, so it could be held and used as a pen),

ניטל עקצה טהורה

if its point was removed it is tahor.

של מתוח

[If needle made] for stretching

בין כך ובין כך טמאה

either way is tamei (as it does not need its eye or point to function properly).

מחט שהעלתה חלודה

A needle that became rusted

אם מעכבת את התפירה

if [the rust] prevents sewing (some say this means even if it can sew, but will leave rust stains)


is tahor,

ואם לאו טמאה

and if not is tamei.

צנורה שפשטה

A hook that has been straightened


is tahor


if one [subsequently] bent it

חזרה לטמאתה

it returns to its state of tumah.