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מסכת כלים פרק יב משנה ח
האולר A penknife (others say this was a pair of scissors made to cut or sharpen the point of a quill pen),
והקלמוס and a [metal] pen,
והמטטלת and a plumb (the metal weight at the end of a plumb line; wider at its top and narrowing to a point at its bottom, a builder dangles this weight from a string to indicate a straight vertical line),
והמשקלות and weights (others translate this to mean a devise for measuring volume, and other say it is another tool similar to a plumb line),
והכורים and kurim (iron tools used to stuff olives into a press)
והכן and the [metal] ruler (used to score the lines on parchment)
והכנה and the [metal] writing tablet (the surface on which parchment is placed when the lines are scored into it)
טמאים are tamei (the novelty of this is either that these objects are used lightly and only in the service of other objects, or that they are tamei even if lacking the final finishing touches necessary for other metal utensils, as they are ordinarily used in such an unfinished state); 
וכל גלמי כלי עץ and all unfinished wooden utensils
טמאים are tamei (if they have a receptacle and can serve their function)
חוץ משל אשכרוע except for eshkeroa (a type of tree with very thick and hard bark, still attached in this case, and so limiting the utility of the utensil),
רבי יהודה אומר Rabbi Yehuda says
אף גרופית של זית also [a utensil made from] the branch (others say root) of an olive tree
טהורה is tahor
עד שתשלק until its sap is removed (as otherwise it is too oily).

פרק יג משנה א

הסיף The sword,
והסכין and the knife,
והפגיון and the dagger,
והרמח and the spear,
מגל יד a hand sickle,
ומגל קציר and a reaping sickle,
והשחור and hair scissors (other say this is a razor),
והזוג של ספרים and the scissors of barbers,
שנחלקו that were split,
הרי אלו טמאין these [both halves] are tamei (as each part can still be used);
רבי יוסי אומר Rabbi Yosi says
הסמוך ליד the [part] closer to the hand
טמא is tamei
והסמוך לראש and closer to the tip
טהור is tahor.

Shears (this cutting implement was made of a U-shaped piece of flexible metal with ends that are not particularly sharp, but when scissored against each other their edges would cut like an ordinary scissor)

שנחלקה לשנים that was split into two
רבי יהודה מטמא Rabbi Yehuda ruled were tamei
וחכמים מטהרין and the Sages ruled were tahor.