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מסכת כלים פרק יא משנה ז
קרן עגלה

A curved horn (this horn was a musical instrument composed of segments of animal horns)


is tamei (as utensils made of bone are tamei if they have a receptacle, which in this case is present due to the curve)

ופשוטה טהורה

and a straight one is tahor.

אם היתה מצפית שלה

If its mouthpiece

 של מתכת

was of metal


it (the entire horn) is tamei.

הקב שלה

Its bell (the wide end of the horn),

רבי טרפון מטמא

Rabbi Tarfon rules is tamei (if made of metal, even while detached)

וחכמים מטהרין

and the Sages rule is tahor (as its name must be qualified; just calling it a "bell" is not enough to know what is being referred to);

ובשעת חבורן

and when they are attached (when all parts of the horn are attached to each other, including this metal bell)

הכל טמא

everything is tamei.

כיוצא בו


קני מנורה טהורין

the branches of a candelabra are tahor (when detached).


The flower (this was a flower-shaped part of candelabra that held the lamp)


and the base


are tamei (even when detached, as they function as receptacles),

ובשעת חבורן

and when attached

הכל טמא

everything is tamei.


פרק יא משנה ח

קסדא טמאה

A helmet (which was made of bronze) is tamei

ולחיים טהורים

and its cheek-guards are tahor,

אם יש בהן

if they have

בית קבול מים

a receptacle for water


they are tamei.

כל כלי המלחמה

All implements of war


are tamei.


A light spear (held by leaders as a symbol of authority),


and a spearhead,


and greaves (armor used to protect the shins),


and a coat of mail,


are tamei.

כל תכשיטי נשים

All women's jewelry


are tamei:

עיר של זהב

a city of gold (a gold headpiece shaped like Jerusalem)






and rings;


a ring

בין שיש לה חותם

whether it has a signet

ובין שאין לה חותם

whether it does not have a signet;

ונזמי האף

and nose rings.


A choker

שחליות שלה של מתכות

whose beads are of metal

בחוט של פשתן

on a string of flax

או של צמר

or of wool,

נפסק החוט

if the string breaks,

החליות טמאות

the beads are tamei

שכל אחת

as each one

כלי בפני עצמו

is a utensil by itself (one can put a single bead on a string).

חוט של מתכות

[If] the string was of metal

וחליות של אבנים טובות

and the beads were of precious stones

ושל מרגליות

and of pearls

ושל זכוכית

and of glass,

נשתברו חליות

the beads broke

והחוט בפני עצמו קים

and the string remained by itself,


it is tamei (as it can be used as a necklace by itself).

שירי קטלה

The remnant of a choker (that had broken)

כמלא צואר קטנה

(is long enough to encircle) the width of the neck of a girl ,

רבי אליעזר אומר

Rabbi Eliezer says

אפילו טבעת אחת

even a single ring (meaning even if only one bead remains),


it is tamei,

שכן תולין בצואר

as such (a small ornament) is hung on the neck.