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מסכת כלים פרק יא משנה ה
עקרב של פרומביה

The bit of a bridle (a bridle is the headgear used to control a horse, consisting of straps to which the reins and a bit, the metal piece that goes into the animal's mouth, are attached)


is tamei (as it is a utensil with its own name).

ולחיים טהורים

and the cheek-pieces (decorative metal pieces attached to the bridle near the animal's jaw) are tahor (because they are merely an animal's adornment);

רבי אליעזר מטמא בלחיים

Rabbi Eliezer rules the cheek-pieces to be tamei (as they are only ever meant to be used when attached to the bridle, in which case we will see they are tamei) ;

וחכמים אומרים

and the Sages say

אין טמא אלא עקרב

nothing is tamei (when not attached to the bridle) except for the bit,

ובשעת חבורן

and when attached,

הכל טמא

everything is tamei. (as being a part of a utensil that is tamei, namely the bridle).


פרק יא משנה ו

פיקה של מתכת A whorl of metal (this was a wheel shaped weight used with a spindle for spinning thread),
רבי עקיבה מטמא Rabbi Akiva rules is tamei (even when not attached to the spindle, as he holds it is a utensil with its own name)
וחכמים מטהרין and the Sages rule is tahor;
ומצפה טהורה

and a plated whorl is tahor (if the metal plating came from a source of metal that is considered tamei).

הכוש The spindle,
והאימה and the distaff (a stick or spindle onto which raw wool or flax is wound for spinning),
והמקל and the rod (used to strike an animal),
וסמפוניה and a symponia (a wind instrument),
וחליל and a flute,
של מתכת טמאין when made of metal are tamei,
 ומצפין טהורים and if (made of wood and) plated (with metal from from a source of metal that is considered tamei) are tahor.
סימפוניה A symponia,
אם יש בה if it has in it
בית קבול כנפים receptacles for wings (this refers to slots for valves that were inserted into this instrument)
בין כך ובין כך either way (whether plated or not, and even if made of wood)
טמאה is tamei.