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מסכת כלים פרק י משנה ג

מגופת החבית

The stopper of a barrel


that is loose

ואינה נשמטת

but does not fall off,

רבי יהודה אומר

Rabbi Yehuda says


it protects,

וחכמים אומרים

and the Sages say

אינה מצלת

it does not protect.

היה בית אצבע שלה

If it's finger-hold (this was an indentation in the top of the stopper)

שוקע בתוכה

was sunken into it (i.e. the indentation was so deep that it's bottom was, while still inside the stopper, below the top of the barrel and therefore inside its airspace),

השרץ בתוכה

if a sheretz is inside it

החבית טמאה

the barrel is tamei,

השרץ בחבית

if the sheretz is in the barrel

אכלין שבתוכה טמאים

food that is in it (the indentation) is tamei. (Note that the stopper is not considered a utensil, as otherwise this rule would be different; see 8:2.  )


פרק י משנה ד


A ball (which was made of pieces of cloth)

והפקעת של גמי

or a coil of reed-grass

שנתנן על פי החבית

that were placed over the mouth of a barrel (to serve as a stopper),

אם מרח מן הצדדין

if one plastered from the sides (where the ball or coil come into contact with the opening of the barrel, which would be sufficient to seal an ordinary stopper in place)

לא הציל

does not protect

עד שימרח

until he plasters them

מלמעלן ומלמטן

from above and below (i.e. from all sides; some say this should be read "from above or below");

וכן במטלית של בגד

and similarly by a patch of textile.

היתה של ניר

If [the cover of the barrel] was of papyrus

או של עור

or of leather

וקשרה במשיחה

and one tied it with a cord,

אם מרח מן הצדדין

if one plastered from the sides


it protects (as these materials were not porous).