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מסכת הוריות

פרק ג משנה ב

כהן משיח  

The anointed kohen

שעבר ממשיחותו that passed from his [status of] anointment
ואחר כך חטא and then sins
וכן הנשיא

and similarly the ruler

שעבר מגדולתו that passed from his greatness
ואחר כך חטא and then sins,
כהן משיח מביא פרא the anointed kohen brings a bullא
והנשיא כהדיוט and the ruler is like a commoner.

משנה ג

חטאו עד שלא נתמנו  If they sin before they were appointed
ואחר כך נתמנו and then were appointed
הרי אלו כהדיוט they are like commoners.
רבי שמעון אומר Rabbi Shimon says
אם נודע להן if it [the sin] became known to them
עד שלא נתמנו before they were appointed
חיבין they are obligated [to bring the commoner's sacrifice]
ומשנתמנו פטוריןב and [if they learned of their sin] when they had been appointed they are exempt [from any sacrifice].ב
ואיזהו הנשיא And what is the ruler?
זה המלך This is the king,
שנאמר (ויקרא ד:כב)י as it says:
ועשה אחת מכל מצות ה' אלהיו "And he will do one of the commandments of God his Master"
י[נשיא] שאין על גביו [a ruler] who there is none above him
אלא ה' אלהיוג but God his Master.ג



הערת שוליים

א.    This is the פר כהן המשיח that he would have brought before leaving office; indeed משנה ד will set forth a number of ways in which he is still considered the כהן המשיח.

ב.    According to רבי שמעון, both the sin and the knowledge of the sin have to occur while he has the same status in order to incur the obligation to bring a קרבן חטאת.

ג.    In דברים (יז:יט)י it says regarding a king למען ילמד ליראה את ה' אלהיו, showing that such a reference is to a king.