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מסכת חולין פרק ט משנה ה
קולית המת

A marrow-bone from a human cadaver (human bones convey tumas meis)

וקולית המקדשין

and a marrow bone from a consecrated animal (This refers to sacrifices that have become piggul, having been slaughtered with the intent to eat its meat after the allotted time, or nosar, having been leftover past the time when it should have been consumed.  By rabbinic decree these convey tumah to those who touch them, and the decree extended to marrow bones as well, as they house marrow which also has the status of piggul or nosar.),

הנוגע בהן one who touches them,
בין סתומים whether they are closed (and so the marrow cannot be touched)
בין נקובים whether they are pierced
טמא is tamei.
קולית הנבילה A marrow bone from a neveilah
וקולית השרץ and a marrow bone from a sheretz
הנוגע בהן סתומים

one who touches them when they are closed

טהור is tahor (as the bones of a neveilah or sheretz do not convey tumah),
נקובין כל שהוא if they have the smallest hole
מטמאין במגע tumah by contact (as their marrow, which is meat, does convey tumah.  Even if one does not come into contact with the marrow, since one can via a hair inserted through this hole, the bone has the status of a shomer for the tamei meat and therefore shares its tumah).
מנין שאף במשא How do we know that this is also the case by carrying? (This refers to the pierced marrow bone of a neveilah - a sheretz tumah  by carrying.)
תלמוד לומר

It teaches us by saying (with regard to the tumah  of a neveilah),

הנוגע . . . והנושא "One who touches it . . . and one who carries it"
י(ויקרא יא:כז-כח, לט-מ)י  
את שבא לכלל מגע

That which comes into the scope [of tumah] by contact

בא לכלל משא

comes into the scope [of tumah] by carrying,

לא בא לכלל מגע

that which did not come into the scope of [tumah] by contact

לא בא לכלל משא

does not come into the scope [of tumah] by carrying.


פרק ט משנה ו

ביצת השרץ המרקמת The egg of a sheretz in which an embryo has formed
טהורה is tahor,
נקבה כל שהוא if it is pierced in the smallest amount
טמאה it is tamei.
עכבר A mouse
שחציו בשר וחציו אדמה

that is half flesh and half earth (The tannaim believed there to be a species of mouse which did not reproduce, but was spontaneously born of earth.  The tanna refers here to when this mouse has formed on one side, be it the left or right, and the other half, though apparently shaped and as functional as the flesh half, is still composed of earth.)

הנוגע בבשר one who touches the flesh
טמא is tamei (as a mouse is a sheretz)
ובאדמה and in the earth
טהור is tahor.
רבי יהודה אומר Rabbi Yehuda says
הנוגע באדמה שכנגד הבשר one who touches the earth that is opposite the flesh
טמא is tamei.