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מסכת חולין פרק ז משנה ג
האוכל מגיד הנשה כזית One who eats an olive's worth from the sciatic nerve,
סופג ארבעים receives forty [lashes];
אכלו ואין בו כזית חיב if he eats [the entirety of a prohibited sciatic nerve] and there is not an olive's worth to it, he is liable [and receives lashes].
אכל מזה כזית ומזה כזית If he eats an olive's worth from this one [the right sciatic nerve] and an olive's worth from that one [the left sciatic nerve]
סופג שמונים he receives eighty [lashes],
רבי יהודה אומר Rabbi Yehuda says
אינו סופג אלא ארבעים he only receives forty (as he held that the prohibition only applied to the right side of the animal).

פרק ז משנה ד

ירך A thigh
שנתבשל בה גיד הנשה inside of which the sciatic nerve was cooked,
אם יש בה בנותן טעם if there is of it [the nerve] enough to impart taste [of it to the rest of the meat],
הרי זו אסורה such [the entirety of the thigh] is prohibited.
כיצד משערין אותה How do we measure this?
כבשר בלפת Like meat in turnips (i.e. we determine if a piece of meat the size of the nerve would impart its flavor to turnips in an amount equivalent to the rest of the thigh, if cooked together).