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מסכת חולין פרק ה משנה ה
יום אחד The "one day"
האמור באותו ואת בנו stated by [the prohibition of slaughtering] it and its offspring [on one day]
היום הולך אחר הלילה [means that] the day follows the night,
זו דרש שמעון בן זומא this is what Shimon ben Zoma expounded:
נאמר במעשה בראשית It says by the story of Creation
יום אחד "one day"
י(בראשית א:ה)י  
ונאמר באותו ואת בנו and it says by [the prohibition of slaughtering] it and its offspring
יום אחד "one day";
י(ויקרא כב:כח)י  
מה יום אחד just as by "one day"
האמור במעשה בראשית said by the story of creation
היום הולך אחר הלילה the day followed the night,
אף יום אחד so too "one day"
האמור באותו ואת בנו said by [the prohibition of slaughtering] it and its offspring [on one day]
היום הולך אחר הלילה the day follows the night.

פרק ו משנה א

כיסוי הדם The covering of the blood (at the slaughter of wild animals and birds, their blood must be covered as will be described later)
נוהג בארץ ובחוצה לארץ is practiced in the land [of Israel] and outside the land [of Israel],
בפני הבית ושלא בפני הבית before the Temple (i.e. while the Temple stood) and not before the Temple,
בחלין אבל לא במקדשין by unconsecrated animals, but not by consecrated animals,
ונוהג בחיה ובעוף and is practiced by wild animals and birds,
במזמן ובשאינו מזומן whether they are prepared (i.e. domesticated) or not prepared.
ונוהג בכוי And is practiced by a koy
מפני שהוא ספק because it is uncertain (as to whether this species should be classified as a wild animal, i.e. a chayah, or domestic animal, i.e. a beheima);
ואין שוחטין אותו ביום טוב and we do not slaughter it on Tom Tov (as you may not cover the blood for the reason set forth below),
ואם שחטו and if he does slaughter it
אין מכסין את דמו

he does not cover its blood. (Normally, one may slaughter a wild animal or bird on Yom Tov if the dirt with which one would cover the blood had been prpepared before Yom Tov; otherwise preparing the dirt is an issue of muktzah.  [see Beitzah 1:2 However, for a koy, even if one had prepared the earth in advance we do not allow you to cover the blood on Yom Tov, so as not to lead people into thinking that its status is definitely one a definite wild animal, which may led them to improperly consume its chelev)