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Berakhot 6:8: One who ate figs, grapes, or pomegranates, blesses three blessings after them [according to the] words of Rabban Gamliel. The Sages say, one blessing that is the essence of three. Rabbi Akiva says, even one who ate vegetables, if that was his food, blesses three blessings after it. One who is drinking water for his thirst says, “that everything exists by His word.” Rabbi Tarphon says, "Who creates many living beings."

אכל תאנים וענבים ורמונים, מברך אחריהן שלש ברכות, דברי רבן גמליאל. וחכמים אומרים ברכה אחת מעין שלש. רבי עקיבא אומר אפלו אכל שלק והוא מזונו מברך אחריו שלש ברכות. השותה מים לצמאו אומר שהכל נהיה בדברו. רבי טרפון אומר בורא נפשות רבות.

Berakhot 7:1: If three people eat together they are obligated to convene [to say the blessing after a meal]. If he ate food which may not have been tithed, or the first tithe from which Terumah [produce consecrated for priestly consumption] had been removed, or the second tithe or Hekdesh [items pledged for sacred use] that had been redeemed, or a servant that had eaten an olive['s volume], or a Kuti [sect closely tied to Judaism], he must convene with them. But if he ate untithed produce, or the first tithe from which Terumah had not been removed, or the second tithe or sanctified [food] which had not been redeemed, or a servant who ate less than an olive['s volume], or a non-Jew, he cannot convene with them.

שלשה שאכלו כאחד, חיבין לזמן. אכל דמאי, ומעשר ראשון שנטלה תרומתו, ומעשר שני והקדש שנפדו, והשמש שאכל כזית, והכותי, מזמנין עליהם. אבל אכל טבל, ומעשר ראשון שלא נטלה תרומתו, ומעשר שני והקדש שלא נפדו, והשמש שאכל פחות מכזית, והנכרי, אין מזמנין עליהם.

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