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פרק ג משנה ה
הגוזלות The young birds
שעל גבי הסלים that [were tied] atop the baskets
היו עולות were korban olahs
ומה שבידם and that which was in their hands
נותנים לכהנים

were given to the kohanim


פרק ג משנה ו

Note: the entire recital referred to by this mishna is from דברים כו:ג, ה-י, and can be viewed here

עודהו שהסל על כתפו

While the basket is still on his shoulder


he recites

מהגדתי היום לה' אלהיך

(דברים כו:ג)

from "I have told today to Hashem your God"

עד שהוא גומר

until he finishes

כל הפרשה

the entire passage;

רבי יהודה אומר

Rebbi Yehuda says [that this is the procedure]

עד ארמי אובד אבי

 (דברים כו:ה)

until "An Aramean plotted to destroy my father"

הגיע לארמי אובד אבי

upon reaching to "An Aramean plotted to destroy my father"

מוריד הסל מכתפו

he would lower the basket from his shoulder

ואוחז בשפתותיו

and hold it by its rim

וכהן מניח את ידו תחתיו

and the kohen places his hand under it


and he waves it (the basket)

וקורא מארמי אובד אבי

and he recites from "An Aramean plotted to destroy my father"

עד שהוא גומר

until he finishes

כל הפרשה

the entire passage;

הניחו בצד המזבח

and he places it on the side of the altar

והשתחוה ויצא

and he bows and exits.



משנה ה

הגוזלות שעל גבי הסלים - These birds were not literally tied atop the baskets, but rather tied to the sides, so that they would not soil the fruit.  ומה שבידם - The רמב"ם says that this referes to additonal birds carried by the people, aside from those tied to the baskets; The תוי"ט and others believed them to be additional fruits carried by the people outside of the baskets.

משנה ו

רבי יהודה אומר - The משנה ראשונה explains the difference between the ת"ק and ר"י is whether the waving of the bikurim was to interrupt the recital (ר"י), or done simultaneously with the recital (ת"ק); there are, however, more complicated explanations of the מחלוקת given by others, and others still understand ר"י to merely be explaining the ת"ק.


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