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פרק א משנה יא
הקונה שלשה אילנות

One who buys three trees

בתוך של חברו

within [the land] of his colleague

מביא וקורא

brings [bikurim] and recites [the relevant pesukim]

רבי מאיר אומר

Rebbi Meir says

אפילו שנים

even [one who buys] two trees.

קנה אילן וקרקעו

One who buys a tree and [explicitly includes] its land

מביא וקורא

brings and recites

רבי יהודה אומר

Rebbi Yehuda says

 אף בעלי האריסות

in addition, sharecroppers


and tenants

מביאין וקורין

bring and recite.


פרק ב משנה א

התרומה והבכורים

Teruma and bikurim

חייבים עליהן

one [who is non-kohen who eats them] is liable

מיתה וחומש

for death [if done intentionally] and [if done unintentionally, the penalty of an additional] fifth

ואסורים לזרים

and are forbidden to non-kohanim

והן נכסי כהן

and these are the property of the kohen

ועולין באחד ומאה

and are batel in a ratio of 100:1

וטעונין רחיצת ידים

and require the washing of one hands [before touching them]

והערב שמש

and [a kohein who was tamei must wait to consume them after immersion for] the sun's setting

הרי אלו

these are [similarities between]

בתרומה ובכורים

teruma and bikurim

מה שאין כן במעשר

which is not the case by maaser.



פרק א משנה  יא

החכורות - As explained earlier, such a person pays a set rent, as opposed to a sharecropper, who pays a percentage of his crop to the landowner.  Some explain that the sharecroppers and tenant farmers of this משנה differ from those of משנה ב in that their tenancy is permanent, as denoted by the term  בעלי האריסות והחכורותת, which term was not used in the earlier mishna.

פרק ב משנה א

נכסי כהן - As opposed to הקדש, a kohen may sell his bikurim or teruma to another kohen or exchange them for goods or land.  מה שאין כן במעשר - Which is permitted to non-kohanim, cannot be used, as if the kohen's personal property to buy or exchange for whatever he wishes, are בטל ברוב, do not require hand washing to touch them, or for the sun to set after immersion in a mikva.


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