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פרק ה משנה ו
עשרה דברים Ten things
נבראו בערב שבת were created on Friday
בין השמשות at twilight,
ואלו הן and they are:
פי הארץ [1] The mouth of the earth [that swallowed Korach and his followers];
ופי הבאר [2] The mouth of the well [of Miriam]
ופי האתון [3] The mouth of the donkey [of Billaam]
והקשת [4] The rainbow;
והמן [5] The maan;
והמטה [6] The staff [of Moshe];
והשמיר [7] The shamir [a worm with the ability to split stone];
והכתב [8] The writing [the engraving in the Luchos; others say this is the written words of the Torah];

[9] The reading [the special properties of the engraving on the Luchos that allowed it to be read from all sides; others say it refers to the tool used to engrave the Luchos; yet another interpretation says that the כתב is the Torah this is the writing in the Luchos];

והלוחות and [10] The Tablets;
ויש אומרים  and some say
אף המזיקין also the destructive spirits,
וקבורתו של משה the grave of Moshe,
ואילו של אברהם and the ram of Abraham [at the Akeida];
ויש אומרים and some say
אף צבת בצבת עשויה also the [first man-made] tongs [used to create metal tools such as tongs] were made with [Divine] tongs.


פרק ה משנה ז

שבעה דברים בגלם There are seven things by an unrefined person
ושבעה בחכם and seven things by a wise person:
חכם אינו מדבר [1] A wise person does not speak
לפני מי שהוא גדול ממנו before someone who is greater than him
בחכמה ובמנין in wisdom;
ואינו נכנס [2] does not interrupt
לתוך דברי חברו into the words of his colleague;
ואינו נבהל להשיב [3] does not hurry to answer;
שואל כענין [4] inquires relevantly
 ומשיב כהלכה and answers correctly;
ואומר על ראשון ראשון [5] speaks of first things first
ועל אחרון אחרון and last things last;
ועל מה שלא שמע [6] on what he has not heard
אומר לא שמעתי says "I have not heard;
ומודה על האמת and [7] concedes to the truth;
וחלופיהן בגלם and the opposite of these is by an unrefined person.


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