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Mishnah Arachin 5:6: With regard to those who made a vow of value, they take a pledge from them. With regard to those obligated to bring a chatat [offering brought to expiate sin] or asham [offering brought to alleviate guilt], they do not take a pledge. With regard to those obligated to bring an olah or a shelamim [offering whose various parts are consumed by its owners, the Kohanim and the fire on the altar], they do take a pledge. And even though he is not atoned for unless he accedes willingly [to give his obligation], as it is said: “willingly” (Leviticus 1:3), they coerce him until he says: I am willing. The same is true in the case of divorce documents: they coerce him until he says: I am willing.

חייבי ערכים ממשכנין אותן. חייבי חטאות ואשמות אין ממשכנין אותן חייבי עולות ושלמים ממשכנין אותן. אף על פי שאין מתכפר לו עד שיתרצה. שנאמר (ויקרא א, ג) לרצונו. כופין אותו עד שיאמר רוצה אני. וכן אתה אומר בגטי נשים. כופין אותו עד שיאמר רוצה אני:

Mishnah Arachin 6:1: [The property] of orphans which has been evaluated [must be proclaimed for] thirty days. And [the property of] the Sanctuary which has been evaluated, [for] sixty days. They must make the proclamation in the morning and in the evening. If a man dedicates his property to the Sanctuary and he is still liable for his wife’s ketubah: Rabbi Eliezer says: when he divorces her he must vow that he will not derive any further benefit from her. Rabbi Joshua says: he need not do so. Similarly, Rabban Shimon ben Gamaliel said: Also if one guarantees a woman's ketubah and her husband divorces her, the husband must vow to derive no benefit from her, lest he make a conspiracy against the property of that man [the guarantor] and take his wife back again.

שום היתומים שלשים יום. ושום ההקדש ששים יום. ומכריזין בבקר ובערב. המקדיש נכסיו והיתה עליו כתובת אשה. רבי אליעזר אומר כשיגרשנה ידיר הנאה. רבי יהושע אומר אינו צריך. כיוצא בו אמר רבן שמעון בן גמליאל אף הערב לאשה בכתובתה. והיה בעלה מגרשה ידיר הנאה. שמא יעשה קנוניא על נכסיו של זה. ויחזיר את אשתו:

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