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Mishnah Arachin 1:1: All are fit to evaluate [i.e., pledge one’s own worth to the Temple fund], to be evaluated [by another’s pledge], to vow [another’s worth to the Temple fund] or to have their worth vowed: Priests, Levites, Israelites, women and slaves. The tumtum [person (or animal) with recessed sexual organs whose gender is therefore impossible to determine, presently, by external examination. It is halachically uncertain whether such is male or female], or the androginos [person with both male and female sexual organs. It is halachically uncertain whether such a person is male, female or, perhaps, has a uniquely defined halachic gender.], are fit to vow [on another’s worth], to have their worth vowed, and to evaluate, but they are not fit to be evaluated, as only those who are definitely male or definitely female are evaluated. A deaf-mute, a shoteh,
and a minor are fit to have their worth vowed, and to be evaluated, but
they are not fit to vow [on another’s worth] or to evaluate, because
they are not considered capable of intent. A baby less than a month old
can be vowed, but not evaluated.

הכל מעריכין. ונערכין. נודרים ונידרים. כהנים ולוים וישראלים. נשים ועבדים. טומטום ואנדרוגינוס נודרים ונידרים ומעריכין אבל לא נערכין. שאינו נערך אלא זכר ודאי ונקבה ודאית. חרש שוטה וקטן נידרין ונערכין אבל לא נודרין ולא מעריכין. מפני שאין בהם דעת. פחות מבן חדש נידר. אבל לא נערך:

Mishnah Arachin 1:2: Regarding a non-Jew – Rabbi Meir says: One can be evaluated, but cannot evaluate; Rabbi Yehudah
says: One can evaluate but cannot be evaluated. Both agree, that one can vow,
and have one’s worth vowed.

הנכרי. רבי מאיר אומר נערך אבל לא מעריך. רבי יהודה אומר מעריך אבל לא נערך. זה וזה מודים שנודרין ונידרין.

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